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Maths at SEH


To give the children the very best start in this we focus heavily on number, patterning and place value skills in Foundation and KS1, before broadening the curriculum out. Good outcomes are exhibited by being able to see connections within learning and the ability to apply knowledge and skills. Opportunities are found to make learning practical and purposeful and will be characterised by a sense of enjoyment as well as the knowledge of achievement.

 We would like to enlist your support in helping us secure with the children their ‘Number-Bonds’ and Times Tables.

F 2  Count order and recognise numbers up to 20.  Know one more and one less.

Year 1 Add and subtract numbers to 20.  Rapid recall +/- to 10.   Skip count 2,5,10,3.   Know 1/2, 1/4, 3/4.

Year 2  Rapid recall of addition & subtraction facts to 20. Know 1/3s. Recall x and ÷ facts of 2, 5,10 tables.

Year 3 Mentally calculate +/- using all numbers under 100. Recall x and ÷ facts of 2, 3,4,5,8 & 10 tables.

Year 4 Mentally calculate +/- with numbers under 1000.  Recall all x and ÷ facts to 12 x12.

Year 5 Mentally calculate +/-  with numbers up to 2 decimal places. Multiply & divide by 10,100,1000.

Year 6 Mentally calculate using multiple steps & mixed operations. Multiply & divide by decimal fractions.

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