​Sir Edmund Hillary Academy


The Book Wizard

Every now and again the Book Wizard visits children's homes and delivers a book chosen specially for them.


Our families have returned some magic by telling the Book Wizard what they thought.


Reading is so important - we need to find inventive ways to move children from screens to paper. The Book Wizard tries to work some magic every term, but sometimes everyone benefits. Below are just some of the responses.


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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

We love this story. We enjoy talking in different voices for each bear and especially like the little activities in the book!

Ruby A

Beast Quest : Brutus

Reading is always a chore- however Jenson was so excited by his new book he sat down and started reading straight away. So, thank you Book Wizard. Very positive.

Jenson G

Little Red Riding Hood

Thank you for our book. It was a lovely surprise.

We read it straight away and again at bed time, and every night since.

Thank you again,

Nathanael, Mummy & Daddy

The Velveteen Rabbit

Thank you for the gift of the Velveteen Rabbit. A fabulous story obviously chosen with great thought, care and knowledge of its new owner. This book choice clearly shows that the staff have taken time to get to know her and that they have also a vast knowledge of books and the content of them.

Little Women


I would recommend this book for others to read. The vocabulary is great.

Thank you, Book Wizard!

Silent Night

My son loved the book he received, it was nice and easy for him to read. Great Job, Book Wizard!    :-)

Alice in Wonderland

I think that my book was just great because I love fiction books and adventure stories. Also my little brother asks about nearly everything and he got a simple book of it so he can read his book. Thank you!

from Lydia


Harry was super excited to receive ZOG through the letterbox. A lovely book for us to enjoy together.


Dirty Bertie 'Snow'

George was really excited to receive his book and has started to read it.

He's enjoying it so far.


They day after one of our Book Wizards. Objective achieved!

Silent Owl- Ava

Dirty Bertie - Reid

Great idea, the kids were excited and loved getting a new book. Both read already. Thank you!

The Book Wizard would really like to thank the Friends of Sir Edmund Hillary for helping to fund and organise the Book Wizard. 

Cub's First Winter

Cara says: Two thumbs up!

I liked it when Cub and Mum cuddled up together to sleep.

The Three Little Pigs

This was a surprise through our door. Thank you so much, we were so excited to sit down together and read this book a few times. We love books that you can get involved in, for example blowing down the houses. This book I'm sure will be re-read many times. It's a lovely story. once again, thank you so much.

Love from Lexi & family