​Sir Edmund Hillary Academy

The Inaugural Sir Edmund Hillary Poetry Slam

This year we have been learning poems. We decided to get competitive and ran our very first Poetry Slam. Here are our Poetry Slam Champions. Use the fullscreen square button in the media player to see the videos enlarged.

Why don't you give learning a poem a try- some handy hints at the foot of the page.

F2B entertained us with Water Everywhere by Valerie Bloom

Why is there water everywhere?

The KS1 Individual winner wrote his own poem- I Like The Wind. The judges thought they could feel each word and idea.

The KS1Class winners were 2M with Quack Said The Billy Goat by Charles Causley. What great memories they have as everything is jumbled up and not what you would expect.

The Lower KeyStage 2 Winner with Pirate Pete by James Carter. Notice how the rhythm and the rhyme help to make the poem memorable.

The Lower KS2 Class Winners 4P with James Reeves'  The Sea. A class in unison and self-directing- no adult leading.

The Winner of the Individual Upper KS2 Prize with "I Am The Dreadful Menace", by an unknown author- possibly even the Dreadful Menace itself.

Runners up in Upper Keystage 2 with The Tiger by William Blake. Notice how they manage the unexpected rhythms in the poem.

Upper Key Stage 2 Champions, Mrs Powell's class, re-wrote I Am The Dreadful Menace so that it matched our Sustainability Curriculum Theme. The judges wanted to commend their demonstration of the menace of global warming.