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Planning for Progression and Continuity

Curriculum Map
The purpose of the Curriculum Map is to ensure a structure and progression from Nursery to Y6 in our Topic based teaching so that our end goal is high quality outcomes in Y6.  It gives us an overview of the purpose behind each topic so that learning is a cohesive whole across the child's experience of learning at school. It helps us to explicitly identify which Curriculum Themes are intended to be supported each term- for instance Valuing Worksop, STEM or Sustainability, and what significant outcomes the term is orientated towards.





Long Term Planning for Subject  Areas

The Map is then supported by Long Term Core and Foundation Curriculum Planning by Year Group which helps us be accountable to our Intentions. It helps to organise content as a spiral that revisits, reinforces and deepens curricular skills and subject domain knowledge, especially where the National Curriculum does not explicitly support a strong learning model for progression.

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Subject Policies and Plans

Most Foundation Subject Areas have their own policy and plan in one document. English and Maths have their own dedicated Web Pages

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