​Sir Edmund Hillary Academy

Our   Climb  Values

These are our CLIMB Values: Courage, Learning, Including, Mindful, Building. They inspire us all, adults and children alike, and nurture us in both our personal growth and our development as an institution. If Inspiring Minds and Nurturing All is our mountain, then our values are what binds us together as we climb, and hold us fast to the mountain. 

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Inspired by the life of Sir Edmund Hillary, this value leads us to challenge ourselves as individuals. If we never experience the need for having courage then we have not put ourselves into situations where we are challenging ourselves. Why own an Ice Pick if we never have to climb a wall of ice?
Our learning is diminished if we do not put ourselves in challenging situations. Our lives are enriched when we resolve to try, even when we know it will be hard and we are uncertain of the potential outcome, and not necessarily have success. The success is in the giving it a go.

The core activity of the school is to progress in our learning, and to do so in the most effective ways. We know this requires practice and dedication; sheer hard work. It requires us to apply ourselves in taking on new knowledge, and then to show that we understand this knowledge by applying and using it. We value all learning, but the very best learning is when an individual finds their own intrinsic motivation: because the learning is enjoyable and interesting in its own right, and not for extrinsic rewards or validation. We will end up with a kit bag of resources; things we know and things we can do.

We create our community by ensuring every member is valued for who they are and what they can become. We treat people with respect and show good manners to make sure that everyone knows that they are welcome and considered equal within our team. Sometimes we need to adapt what we do to make sure that we function well as a community of learners. Sometimes we need to identify when someone’s voice is not so strong and therefore advocate for them. We do this best when we think how we can inspire each individual to reach their own mountain top.

We want our school to reflect a holistic understanding of what it is to be a person. We endeavour to engage with the full capabilities of our minds as a place to be as this allows us to also engage with significant qualities such as humility, kindness and patience. When we are mindful we are helping to plan the route ahead, enjoy the scenery as it passes and reflect on where we have been; so a map is useful at every stage of our journey. We are able to follow instructions for good reason and purpose. We know that to evaluate and reflect is a crucial to securing progress in any part of any learning journey.

When we care for everyone we meet and everything around us we are ensuring strong bonds between our selves and our environment. We want our school to reflect a big family so we will work across year groups and generations and build quality relationships to keep each other safe. We will learn about ourselves and how we can manage our emotions, our resources and our time, but we understand that we must help others to do this too. That’s what being a family is about; nurturing, and sometimes challenging each other, without letting go.

This are our Value symbols.

Your Contributions to Summit/VE Day 2020. 

An 'Almost Street' -Party. Looks Delicious!

Learning to Paint the Union Jack

Great things are happening with the Staffords....

February 2021 Assembly

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December 2020 Assembly

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End of Year 19-20   

Summit Day 2020 - Assembly -Click on Mount Everest


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Building Values Assembly- Mr Peabody's Apples

Building Values Assembly- Courage

The Indoor Camp Out- Leaving your boots outside the tent- Just like Sir Edmund. I hope they didn't get frozen.

The Gregory family discover what Mr Guest said in his assembly - It wasn't planned, honest. But its so true. I'm sure you've all done similar things.

And similar contributions from the Peters' Family! Thank you.