​Sir Edmund Hillary Academy

Take 5 Breathing- Mindfulness & Resilience

Take Five at School is a resilience-building programme based on breathing, grounding and awareness. We can calm ourselves down, or ground ourselves and take stock, or we can energise and get ready. 

Pupils throughout school take part in short breathing practices of 1 ½ minutes approximately to calm, relax and focus them ready for learning.

This is an initiative led by children so our Take 5 Ambassadors lead these practices throughout the school at various times of the day- we even breathe as a whole school in Friday Assembly.

We practice so that we can use it to help us manage our emotions or get ourselves ready for whatever we need to do next, wherever we are; at home or school.

Below are some videos of different Practices so that you can do that at home. We created them whilst Worksop was in Lockdown so only one Ambassador was available!

You may want to click FullScreen in the bottom right corner to see more clearly.

This is our Summit Day breathe.

We can use it to energise ourselves- A bit like Sir Edmund Hillary must have had to do to get to the top Everest.

This is a 3 Second Breathe

It is good for Regrouping when you feel your mood changing.

This is our Force Breathing

It can help you feel calm, relaxed and positive about the world.

This is our Earth Quake Breathing

It helps you feel grounded and is a favourite with everyone.