​Sir Edmund Hillary Academy


Building a safe and loving community is at the heart of our school values and 'Wellbeing' is a key theme which threads through our curriculum. We believe that children need the resources and tools to develop mental and physical resilience and have the ability to form strong, inclusive relationships. 


At the foot of this page are links to lots of relevant online resources that we use in school that you can also use at home.


Ways we keep each other happy and safe.

We know that we all have a responsibility to keep each other safe and listen if people have a problem they want to talk about. Children in school know that they can talk to any teacher, midday supervisor or member of the school office if they feel they need support. Children are taught to use the phrase, "Can I have a word, please?" and this signals to adults that they need to be ready to listen.


Bullying is not tolerated in our school. Our PSHE curriculum is progressive and allows children to develop their understanding and acceptance of other people's differences and their ability to empathize. This is strengthened by our work during Anti-Bullying Week. Children know the 'STOP' rule - Start Telling Other People - and use this hand in hand with, "Can I have a word, please?".


We understand how important it is be able to identify how we are feeling and to know how we can to help ourselves if we feel anxious. Everyone in our school is taught how to use breathing exercises to support this, using the Take 5 Breathing Programme. We are proud to have trained Breathing Ambassadors in our upper Key Stage 2 classes and these children lead our daily breathing sessions throughout the school.


Our School Buddy System allows older children within the school to support younger ones during play time and lunch break. Successful applicants go through Buddy Training and learn how to support turn taking skills, how to lead co-operative game play and how to notice if children need some emotional support.


Children knowing how to stay safe around unfamiliar people is hugely important to us and is woven through our PSHE curriculum. Rather than using the old 'stranger danger' rule, we teach children about how 'Clever Never Goes'. To strengthen this we have a 'Clever Never' focus week throughout the school where children's lessons are based around teaching safety within the community, to a level that matches the children's age.


Should you need any support or advice regarding your own or your child's well-being please talk to your child's class teacher,Mrs Burslem,  Mrs Eccles, Mr Guest or the office staff. You may also find the websites below useful - click on the logo to take you to the relevant web page.