​Sir Edmund Hillary Academy

Admission Arrangements

Sir Edmund Hillary Academy welcomes children of all abilities regardless of race, creed, colour, gender or disability.

We encourage visits, so please telephone the school to make an appointment: 01909 473982.


Admissions to Nursery and F1

We handle our own admissions to Nursery (2 Year olds) and Foundation 1 (15 hour and 30 hour entitlement places)

Applications can be made at any time, although we usually encourage parents/carers to register their children as soon as possible. Children can enter our Nursery from aged two years. Children are admitted from the waiting list chronologically and are allocated a part-time morning or afternoon place.

To register your child for a place in our Nursery you will need to complete an application form (below, but also readily available from the school office.) Once fully completed please return directly to the office.


Admissions to Reception and Statutory School Age

Admissions for children reaching Statutory School Age (5yrs old) are handled through Nottinghamshire County Council. Parents are advised to use the following web site to apply for a place for their child.

'Admissions to Schools'


Admissions to year groups other than Reception 

If places are available within the year group, applications will be considered in accordance with the current published admission criteria for admission to the school and the school’s PAN for each year group. If places are available, the child will normally be admitted to the Academy.


Oversubscription Criteria

In the event of over-subscription the County Council follow a series of criteria in the allocation of places, summarised in the document below.


Pupil Admission Number (PAN): This is the number of pupils we are allowed to admit to each year group in main school. This is currently 60 into Reception but in 2023 the Governors started a consultation of lowering the PAN. The consultation has been delayed during the academisation process.


Further Guidance

Further guidance on the way in which applications are dealt with including:

  • Co-ordinated admissions scheme
  • Preferences for more than one school
  • Late applications
The way waiting lists are maintained and used

 can be found on Nottinghamshire County Council's website 'Admissions to Schools'.


Starting School -Induction

In Nursery we like parents to accompany their children for a few initial sessions whilst the children settle. It gives us an opportunity to build a relationship with you around the child and their needs.

Before children are due to start in the Foundation 1 or in the Reception Class (Foundation 2) parent's evenings are arranged by the school so that you can come along and find out more about us and ask us any questions that you might have. We run a programme of visits called our Transition Days (usually the first week in July),

Visits by the children are always welcome as ‘taster sessions’ to help them in their transition to a new school.


We encourage walk round visits to the school. Please contact the Admin Team for further details: 01909 473982.

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