​Sir Edmund Hillary Primary School

In Maths we will be learning; 

Numbers to 20                             

We will be learning to read, write, count and order numbers to 20.

Number bonds to 10

We will be learning the number bonds to 10 with the use of songs and rhymes.

Addition within 10

We will be learning to add numbers up to 10 using physical objects and our understanding of the number bonds to 10 to help us.

Let's Learn ...

Help your child learn these facts 

1 + 9 = 10

2 + 8 = 10

3 + 7 = 10

4 + 6 = 10

5 + 5 = 10

Doubles and halves to 5

Counting in 2's and 10's

1 more / 1 less


Year 1 learn it's - Practice these number facts so you child knows them without having to work them out.

      Useful Documents      

Curriculum Mind-Map - Memory Box! 

Spelling Bee Autumn 1

CLIC Booklets

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 Parent's pack CLIC 6.docxDownload
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    Remember, Remember ...    

Click the picture links below for songs and activities to help your child remember facts.

 Year 1 Long Term Planning 

 Y1 English LTPlanning 2021.docxDownload
 Y1 LTPlanningFndSub 2021.docxDownload
 Y1 Maths LTPlanning Format 2021.docxDownload
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Old Documents



    Memory Box!   

This half-term our topic is

Memory Box!

This topic develops the children’s knowledge of themselves, others and the world around them as we begin our time in year one. It helps the children learn to recognise changes over time and appreciate local history, special memories and family traditions. It aims to develop the children’s pride in Worksop whilst supporting their well-being.


Inspirational Text - Mr. Underbed

We will be …

    • writing recounts about our summer holiday experiences
    • writing instructions on how to make a sandwich
    • creating character descriptions
    • writing letters to characters
    • planning and writing our own stories


We will be learning about ...


  • our bodies
  • growth and change
  • what we need to stay healthy
  • the 5 senses
  • healthy eating


We will be carrying out investigations using our 5 senses - taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing.


We will be learning about ourselves and how life has changed over time. We will also be creating a memory box full of childhood items and memories.   


  • We will be …

    • looking at the work of Rembrandt
    • sketching and painting our own self-portraits
    • producing a food groups collage
    • sketching toys from the past

DT - Making sandwiches 

We will be designing, making and evaluating our own sandwiches

ICT - Introduction to Purple Mash

  • We will be learning basic skills in using the laptops at school. 

  • We will be navigating and exploring the program 'Purple Mash'.


We will be thinking about what is important:

    • to them
    • to others in the world around them
    • respect for everybody


We will be learning about …

  • health and well-being
  • hygiene and diseases

Music - Jolly Music

  • recognise pulse, rhythm, pitch and beat in a piece of music

    Year 1 Gallery    

       Keeping in Touch!       

If you have any questions/concerns please feel free to email us using the Year 1 email. 


          Useful Information          

PE - Gymnastics

PE is on Friday this half-term.

Please ensure your child has a white t-shirt, tracksuit trousers/leggings, a sweatshirt and trainers/pumps.


Homework will be set each Friday and is to be handed in by the following Wednesday.


Reading books will be changed every Monday.  Please write in your child's diary each time they read at home so they can earn reading points! This should be at least 3 times a week! 

Spelling test

Spelling test will be every Monday morning.

            Meet the Team            

Mrs Bates - 1B Teacher

Mrs Davis - 1G Teacher

Mrs Cairns - TA

Mrs Playfoot - TA

Mrs Creswell-Hibbert - TA 

Miss Tinker - TA

Mrs Traczykowski - KS1 co-ordinator / 2T Teacher

Mrs McConway - 2M Teacher 

            Useful Websites            

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