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   Welcome Back!!   

If you have any questions please email us using the Year 1 email. 


      Useful Documents      

Curriculum Mind-Map

Spelling Bee - Autumn 1


    Remember, Remember ...    

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 Year 1 Curriculum Documents 

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      Memory Box      

This half-term our topic is

Memory Box!


In Maths we will be learning:

  • Numbers to 20
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Doubling and Halving numbers
  • Number bonds                                         


In English we will be learning about ...

  • following and writing instructions
  • creating a leaflet 

Focus text - 'Mr Underbed'

  • writing letters 
  • writing a story


We will be learning about ...


  • understanding the human life-cycle - identifying how humans grow and change. 
  • naming and identifying the parts of the body
  • identifying what humans need to stay healthy 


  • discussing the children's memories about their own past
  • investigating toys from the past 
  • finding out about transport over time


  • exploring the local area
  • identifying human and physical features


  • developing use of line and pattern
  • developing colour mixing skills
  • creating self-portraits
  • creating pictures of bodies in action 

Artists - Rembrandt, Babara Hepworth, Graham Ibbeson, Henry Moore, Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas


  • designing, making and evaluating a sandwich


  • using a laptop
  • understanding internet safety

RE - Religious stories

  • Buddhism - Siddhartha and the Swan
  • Christianity - The Good Samaritan
  • Humanism - The boy who cried wolf 


  • understanding of different beliefs
  • recognising the importance of respect for all people

PSHE - Relationships

  • identifying different types of family group
  • recognising how people are similar and different
  • recognising people have different strengths and weaknesses
  • recognising the importance of respect for all people

Music - Jolly Music

  • recognise rhythm, pitch and beat in a piece of music






            Meet the Team            

Mr Handley - 1H Teacher

Mrs McConway - 1M Teacher

Mrs Arrand-Lacey - TA

Mrs Slater - TA

Mrs Hardy - TA

Miss Tinker - TA

Mrs Smith - TA

Mrs Cairns - TA

Mrs Traczykowski - KS1 co-ordinator

          Useful Information          

PE - Gymnastics

PE is on Friday this half-term.

Please ensure your child has a white t-shirt and dark shorts


Homework will be sent home every Friday.  Please return it by Wednesday the following week. 


Reading books will be changed every Monday.  Please write in your child's diary each time they read at home so they can earn reading points! This should be at least 4 times a week! 

Spelling test

Spelling test will be every Monday.

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