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  Home Learning  

If your child is at home and feeling well enough, please use the following websites and activities.



Please continue to practice

Learn Its

5+4, 5+6, 6+7, 8+7, 8+9

5x table

Please use your child's CLIC booklet, these are available to download.


  Keeping in Touch!  

If you have any questions/concerns please feel free to email us using the Year 2 email. 


  Useful Documents  

Curriculum Map

Homework Timetable

  Spelling Bee - Spring 2

Extra Homework Ideas

  Useful Websites  

Use the picture links below to access these useful websites

Oxford OwlAccess a range of online reading books. 

Purple Mash - School's online learning platform

  How to use Purple Mash for parents  

If you require your Parental Purple Mash login again, please contact school.



      Scented Garden      

This half term our topic is Scented Garden!




We will be reading ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’

We will be developing our knowledge of different types of writing; creating adverts to help sell Daisy the Cow, wanted posters for the Giant and a new version of the Jack and the Beanstalk story.

We will also be reading, 'Into the Forest' by Anthony Brown.

We will be creating our own adventure stories in the forest.


We will be researching information about plants and using this information to create a non-fiction book about plants. 

Remember, Remember

  • Features of a non-fiction texts
  • Different sentence types – statement, command, exclamation, question


Please help your child to learn these key number facts. 

We are looking for instant recall of these number facts.

Spring Term

Learn It's

5+4, 5+6, 6+7, 8+7, 8+9

5x table


To know there are 60 seconds in a minute

To be able to read a digital clock


To be able to give change from £1.


To recognise right angles


To compare amounts of distance, mass and space

To be able to draw and measure lines to the nearest half centimetre.

To measure distance in metres.


We will be learning about ...


We will identify and name common plants.  As scientists, we will investigate what plants need to grow and stay healthy, and how water travels through a plant.  We will identify things that are living, non-living or have never been alive.

Remember, Remember

  • Name common plants
  • Name basic needs of a plant (water, light and heat)


We will re-cap the 7 continents of the world and be looking at the different plants that grow in different places.  We will be looking at the weather in different places.

Remember, Remember

  • The seven continents of the world.


We will be looking at the work of Vincent Vann Gogh and exploring different painting techniques.  

We will also be creating weavings of a sunflower.

We will be looking at the work of David Hockney, identifying his use of perspective.


We will be looking at stories about Jesus and discussing why he is an important leader to Christians.

We will be looking at religious celebrations and why Easter is important to Christians.





  Useful Information   

PE - Throwing and Catching

PE is on Monday this half term  

PE will be outside this half term.  Please ensure your child has a white t-shirt, dark jogging bottoms/leggings, a jumper and trainers/pumps.

Spelling Test

Spelling test will be on Friday.


Reading books will be changed every Monday

Please write in your child's diary each time they read at home so they can earn reading points!


This term we will be completing pages from the English and Maths Homework Books.  Please return homework on Wednesday each week.


Please ensure your child has the following in school every day:

  • Reading log
  • Reading book
  • PE Kit
  • Water Bottle

  CLIC Booklets

These booklets will help support your child and develop their confidence when completing their CLIC challenges in school

 Parent's Pack Clic 1 (SEH).docxDownload
 Parent's Pack CLIC 10.pdfDownload
 Parent's Pack Clic 2 (SEH).docxDownload
 Parent's Pack Clic 3 (SEH).docxDownload
 Parent's Pack Clic 4 (SEH).docxDownload
 Parent's pack Clic 5.docxDownload
 Parent's pack CLIC 6.docxDownload
 Parent's Pack CLIC 7.pdfDownload
 Parent's Pack CLIC 8.pdfDownload
 Parent's Pack CLIC 9.pdfDownload
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CLIC Challenges

These are the weekly challenge sheets your child will complete in school.

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  Remember, Remember!  

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Seven Continent Song

  Older Documents  

Year 2 visit to Austerfield 2021

Year 2 had an amazing time at Austerfield Study centre!