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Topic - Online Learning 

Monday 19th July

Draw or create your own lighthouse. 

You could sketch, paint or collage a lighthouse or make one!

Year 2 Gallery

Take a look at all the fantastic work we have been doing at home!

Year 2 Gallery

Take a look at the work we have been doing at home!

Jack and the Beanstalk

Oxford Owl

Log into Oxford Owl, find the correct book band for your child and enjoy reading for 15 minutes a day.

A message from our children to say thank you to all the NHS staff and key workers who are working so hard.

  Curriculum Maps  

Spelling Bee

Summer 2

Summer 1

Summer 1 - Group 1

Spring 2

Spring 1 - Group 1

Spring 1

Autumn 2

Autumn 2 - Group 1 

Autumn 1 - Group 1

Autumn 1

  How to use Purple Mash for parents  

If you require your Parental Purple Mash login again, please contact school.



English - Isolation Work

Thursday 22nd July and Friday 23rd July

Pretend you are one of the survivors which Grace saved.  Write a letter to Grace to thank her for being so brave.

Remember to:

  • Check for capital letters and full stops
  • Use a range of conjunctions to extend your sentences.
  • Describe how you felt when the ship crashed into the rocks.
  • How you felt when you saw Grace coming to rescue you.
  • How you felt when you arrived back at the light house.

Year 2 visit to Austerfield 2021

Year 2 had an amazing time at Austerfield Study centre!

Homework Timetable

Summer 2

We will be using the CGP SAT Buster Books for our weekly homework tasks.  Please see the timetable below for details of the English and Maths task to complete each week. 

If you would like to complete any additional homework tasks, please work through the remaining pages of the CGP books given out at the beginning of the year.

Land Ahoy!

This half term our topic is Land Ahoy!



We will be reading  ‘The Pirates Next Door' and 'The Jolley Rogers and the Ghostly Galleon' by Jonny Duddle.

We will continue to focus on punctuating our written work correctly and look at using a range of sentence types in our writing.  We will apply these skills to our writing and create our own pirate story.

Remember, Remember

  • To punctuate all sentence correctly.
  • Use a range of conjunctions to extend your sentences.
  • To use capital letters for names.


Please help your child to learn these key number facts. 

We are looking for instant recall of these number facts.

Summer Term

Learn Its

5+ 7, 5+8, 5+9, 6+8, 6+9, 7+9

2x table

Fraction Learn Its

I know ½ = 2/4

½ of 10 = 5, ½ of 8 = 4, ½ of 6 = 3, ½ of 4 = 2, ½ of 2 = 1

Spring Term

Learn Its

5+4, 5+6, 6+7, 8+7, 8+ 9

5x table

Autumn Term

Learn It's

3+8, 3+9, 4+7, 4+8, 4+9

10x table 


We will be learning about ...


We will be learning about different types of animals that can be found at the coast and their characteristics and habitats.

Remember, Remember

  • To describe the importance of different habitats to animals and plants.  


We will re-cap on our prior knowledge of naming and locating the world’s seven continents and five oceans.

We will look at hot and cold areas of the world in relation to the Equator and the North and South Poles.

 We will re-cap on our knowledge of human and physical features and will then compare and contrast a seaside town in the UK to Australia.

Remember, Remember

  • The four countries which make up the UK and their capital cities.
  • To name the seven continents in the world.
  • To name the five oceans.


We will be learning about the life and expeditions of Captain James Cook.  We will use a range of sources to find out about his life and work.

We will be finding out about the life of Grace Darling.  We will be finding out about her achievements and why we remember her today.

Design Technology

We will design and make our very own pirate buggy for the Jolley Rogers! We will build on our knowledge of moving mechanisms and incorporate a range of different mechanisms on our own vehicle. We will test our vehicles to see if they can travel in a straight line.

Year 2 Gallery

Take a look at the amazing work we have been doing at home!

Superhero Poetry

We enjoyed creating our own Traction Man story

Outdoor Learning


Maths - Isolation Work

White Rose Maths

If you would like to complete some extra Maths activities each day.  Please watch the video on the link below and complete the task.

Wednesday 21st July



Thursday 22nd July


Friday 23rd July


Big Maths

CLIC Booklets

Maths – CLIC home learning guide. This gives you information about the CLIC challenge your child is currently working on. The worksheets will help support your child and develop their confidence when completing their CLIC challenges in school.

Please work through this booklet at your own pace.

 CLIC 10 Parent Pack.pdfDownload
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CLIC Challenges 


 CLIC Challenge 5 Questions and Answers.pdfDownload
 CLIC Challenge 6 Questions and Answers.pdfDownload
 CLIC Challenge 7 Questions and Answers.pdfDownload
 CLIC Challenge 8 Questions and Answers.pdfDownload
 CLIC Challenge 9 Questions and Answers.pdfDownload
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 CLIC Challenge 10 Questions and Answers.pdfDownload
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Useful Information 


PE is on Tuesday this half term (Summer 1). 

PE will be outside this half term.  Please ensure your child has a white t-shirt and dark shorts and trainers/pumps.

Spelling Test

Spelling test will be on Friday.


Reading books will be changed every Monday

Please write in your child's diary each time they read at home so they can earn reading points!


This term we will be completing pages from the English and Maths Homework Books.


Please ensure your child has the following in school every day:

  • Reading log
  • Reading book
  • PE Kit
  • Water Bottle

 Useful Websites

Click on the picture links below to access the websites.

   Maths Websites  

  English Websites  

Remember, Remember!

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Seven Continent Song