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Home Learning Tasks

Big Maths

w/b 22.2.21

These worksheets follow the Maths teaching sessions.

Monday 22nd February

 S2 M1 Challenge.pdfDownload
 S2 M1.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 23rd February

 S2 M2.docDownload
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Wednesday 24th February

 S2 M3 Challenge.pdfDownload
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Thursday 25th February

 S2 M4 Challenge.pdfDownload
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Friday 26th February

 S2 M5 Challenge.pdfDownload
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CLIC Challenges (Every Tuesday)

Please complete Set 2 of your current CLIC and Set 2 of the CLIC above. 

CLIC challenges should be completed independently, without support just like in school. 

You do not need to print off the CLIC sheets. They can be read on the screen and the answers recorded onto paper. 

Please help your child to mark their tests and send the scores and any problem areas back to the class teacher via email. 

Thank you. 

 CLIC Challenge 5 Questions and Answers.pdfDownload
 CLIC Challenge 6 Questions and Answers.pdfDownload
 CLIC Challenge 7 Questions and Answers.pdfDownload
 CLIC Challenge 8 Questions and Answers.pdfDownload
 CLIC Challenge 9 Questions and Answers.pdfDownload
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CGP Maths Booklets

w/b 22.2.21

Year 2 Green Study Book

Complete pages 52, 53, 54 and 55

10 minute Weekly Workout

Spring Term Workout 5 and 6

White Rose Maths

w/b 22.2.21

If you would like to complete extra maths work please watch the video and complete the worksheet.


Recognise 2D and 3D shapes



Make 2D and 3D shapes



Count sides on 2D shapes



Count vertices on 2D shapes



Draw 2D shapes


CLIC Booklets

Maths – CLIC home learning guide. This gives you information about the CLIC challenge your child is currently working on. The worksheets will help support your child and develop their confidence when completing their CLIC challenges in school.

Please work through this booklet at your own pace.


Home learning Booklets

A message from our children to say thank you to all the NHS staff and key workers who are working so hard.

  Curriculum Maps  

Spelling Bee - Spring 1 (Group 1)

Spelling Bee - Spring 1

Spelling Bee - Autumn 2

Spelling Bee - Autumn 2 (Group 1)

Spelling Bee - Autumn 1 (Group 1)

Spelling Bee - Autumn 1

Remember, Remember!

Click on the picture links below to access websites

Seven Continent Song

     Year 2 Gallery     

Check out some of the amazing projects completed during Lockdown!!

  How to use Purple Mash for parents  

If you require your Parental Purple Mash login again, please contact school.



Spring 2 Topic - Scented Garden

Home learning Weekly Timetable

w/b 22.2.21

Home Learning Tasks


w/b 22.2.21

Task 1 - Monday

Spelling activity

Look at the spelling words for this week.  Write 10 sentences using these spelling words.

Task 2 - Tuesday

Reading Comprehension

Read Super Seeds and answer the questions.

Task 3 - Wednesday


Write down adjectives to describe Daisy the Cow.

Task 4 - Thursday

Use the adjectives collected on Wednesday to write an advert to sell Daisy the Cow.

Please use the ideas from the 11am teams session to support you with this activity.

Task 5 - Friday

Write sentences based on Jack on the Beanstalk.  Remember to use a range of conjunctions to extend your sentences.

CGP Books - w/b 22.2.21

Handwriting - page 30

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

pages 28 and 29

Spelling Bee

Spring 2

Home Learning Tasks


w/b 22.2.21

Purple Mash

Sky-scraping Sunflowers!

Task 1 - Read chapter 1 and complete the quiz

Task 2Read chapter 2 and complete the quiz

Click the following link to access Purple Mash


Oxford Owl

Log into Oxford Owl, find the correct book band for your child and enjoy reading for 15 minutes a day.

Year 2 Gallery

Take a look at the work we have been doing at home!

Scented Garden

This half term our topic is Scented Garden.



We will be reading ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and we will create a ‘Cow for Sale’ poster to persuade people to buy Daisy.  We will be thinking about adjectives to describe the giant and will use these to create a wanted poster.


We will be reading ‘Into the Forest’ by Anthony Browne and we will be thinking of new exciting characters we could meet in our own adventure story.

Remember, Remember

  • To punctuate all sentence correctly.
  • Use a range of conjunctions to extend your sentences.
  • To use capital letters for names.


Please help your child to learn these key number facts. 

We are looking for instant recall of these number facts.

Set 1 - Number bonds to 10

1 + 9 and 9 + 1=

2 + 8 and 8 + 2=

3 + 7 and 7 + 3=

4 + 6 and 6 + 4=

5 + 5=

Now we know our numbers bonds to 10 we also know our number bonds to 100!


10 + 90 and 90 + 10=

20 + 80 and 80 + 20=

30 + 70 and 70 + 30=

40 + 60 and 60 + 40=

50 + 50=


Set 2 - Addition number facts

4 + 2= 6                 4 + 3= 7

5 + 2= 7                 5 + 3= 8

6 + 2= 8                 6 + 3= 9

7 + 2= 9

9 + 2= 11


Now we have quick recall of our addition facts we can also add multiples of 10.


40 + 20= 60           40 + 30= 70

50 + 20= 70           50 + 30= 80

60 + 20= 80           60 + 30= 90

70 + 20= 90

90 + 20= 110


Set 3 - Number Doubles

6 + 6 = 12

7 + 7 = 14

8 + 8 = 16

9 + 9 = 18


Now we know our number doubles we can double our multiples of 10.

60 + 60 = 120

70 + 70 = 140

80 + 80 = 160

90 + 90 = 180


We will be learning about ...


We will observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants and be able to name a variety of plants.

We will explore and compare the differences between things that are living, once living and things that have never been alive

We will be investigating what a plant needs to grow and finding out how water travels through a plant.

Remember, Remember

  • The names of common wild and garden plants.



We will revise the names of the continents in the world.

We will use a world map to locate where different types of plants can be found in the world.

Remember, Remember

  • To name all the continents



We will be looking at different paintings of gardens and flowers.


We will focus on line and texture. We will look at large and thin brush strokes and different paint techniques to create texture.  Using Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ for inspiration we will then practice using different brush strokes.


We will develop our own weaving skills to create our own sunflower.


We will be looking at the Easter story.


Health and Well Being

What helps us grow and stay healthy?

We will be learning about a healthy diet.

Outdoor Learning


Year 2 Gallery

Take a look at the work we have been doing at home!

Take a look at some of our fantastic bird drawings!

Home Learning Tasks


w/b 22.2.21

Task 1 - Monday 


Watch the BBC Bitesize clip Is it alive?


Complete the ‘spot the living things’ activity.

Task 2 - Tuesday

Sort the items into those that are living, once living or those that have never been alive.

Task 3 - Wednesday

Wellbeing Wednesday

Choose an activity from the Well-being Wednesday sheet and enjoy some time away from the screen!

Task 4 - Thursday

Choose three things and decide if it is it living, once living or if it has never been alive?

How can you tell?

Give reasons for your thinking.

Task 5 - Friday

Get Moving!

Complete a Joe Wickes PE session from you-tube.

Click the link below to access PE session


 Key Stage One Team 

Mrs McConway- 1M Class Teacher

Mr Handley  - 1H Class Teacher

Mrs Fraser/Mrs Bates - 2B Class Teacher

Mrs Traczykowski - 2T Class Teacher


Mrs Arrand-Lacey - TA

Mrs Hardy - TA

Miss Tinker - TA

Mrs Slater - TA

Mrs Smith - TA

Mrs Cairns - TA


Mrs Traczykowski - KS1 co-ordinator

Useful Information 


PE is on Thursday this half term (Spring 2). 

PE will be inside this half term.  Please ensure your child has a white t-shirt and dark shorts and trainers/pumps.

Spelling Test

Spelling test will be on Friday.


Reading books will be changed every Friday

Please write in your child's diary each time they read at home so they can earn reading points!


This term we will be completing pages from the English and Maths Homework Books.


Please ensure your child has the following in school every day:

  • Reading log
  • Reading book
  • PE Kit
  • Water Bottle

 Useful Websites

Click on the picture links below to access the websites.

   Maths Websites  

  English Websites