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Watch the video, complete the task and then check your answers with the answer section.

Summer Term Week beginning 29.6.2020

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to watch the video each day or download the document and use the links. 







Try to keep active each day.  You can be involved in the home daily mile.  


Easter Maths activities...

Maths Problems of the day...


We have had a busy start to the new term preparing for our Year group production, 'The Bee Musical'.  We are really looking forward to performing for parents and friends on Thursday 2nd April 5:30. 

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Our class text:



We will be reading the first of the series of 'Spiderwick Chronicles' books.  To link with the book we will be writing descriptions, a diary and instructions.  Our book could inspire your child to read the next book in the series. 


This term we will be working on measures and money.  We will learn about coins and notes, add and subtract amounts of money and think about how to calculate change if we bought something from the shop. In time, we will learn how to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes. 



Spring 2 planner

Year 3 Curriculum Planning




Log on to Purple Mash.

Read chapter 5 of 'Mary Anning and the Time Twister.'  Complete the questions for the chapter.

Read chapter 1 and 2 of The Porchester Park project.  Complete the questions for each chapter.  

Oxford Owl online has lots of books for you to read.  You could put a message on the blog if you have read a book and want to recommend it to the rest of the class.

 Summer reading challenge

The UK’s biggest annual reading for pleasure programme for primary aged children returns with an all-new digital challenge in 2020.


Sign up here:



Summer 2 Tremors

Week 5 29.6.2020

Be inspired by Katsushika HokusaiUnder the Wave off Kanagawa

Great wave of kanagawa

Produce your own version of this piece of art.  Use the template above to help or try your own version.  

Week 4 22.6.2020

Find out about mountains.  Check out the video and information on BBC.


Create a leaflet on Purple Mash with the information you have learned. 

Create a fact-file about Sir Edmund Hillary.  Research and read the information above before you begin. 


Week 3 15.6.2020

Find out why Mary Anning is famous.  Write a fact sheet about her life and the discoveries she made. 


Check out the information and videos on BBC.


 Find out about Earthquakes.  Check out the video and information on BBC.


Create a leaflet on Purple Mash with the information you have learned. 

Week 2 8.6.2020

Task 1 Create a fact-file about a volcano. Use the template on Purple Mash to help organise your information.  

Check out these websites to find out information about active volcanoes.  




Task 2 Write front page news recounting a volcanic eruption.  You can use the template on Purple Mash.



Week 1 1.6.2020

Learn how fossils are formed.  Log on to https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z9bbkqt/articles/z2ym2p3 and then complete the Purple Mash activities. Year 3




Week 5 18.5.2020

Log on to Purple Mash.

Choose items and say if they are magnetic or non-magnetic. 

Forces in action.  Label the forces in action on pictures.  

Greece is the home of the Olympics but what is Greece like today?  Create a leaflet about modern Greece. 

Week 4 11.5.2020

Find out about how the Olympics began.  How are they similar to or different from the Olympic Games now.  log in to BBC to find out about the Ancient Olympics.


Then look at Purple Mash to complete a compare activity. 

Week 2/3

Read about the Olympic Games, due this year in Tokyo, but will now take place in 2021.  Create a fact-file about the Games.  You could include:

Sports included


Where will the Games be held?

Which countries will take part?


Extension task

Create a fact-file about a gold medal winner from the last Olympic Games in Rio 2016.  

What country did they represent?  Can you paint their flag?  How many Olympics have they competed in?  Can you find out about the sport they are involved in? 



Week 1

Read or listen to the Greek myth Arachne.  You can find the story:



Task 1

Write a fact-file about spiders.


Task 2

Can you find out about Greek Gods and Goddesses.  Play the game in your 'to do' list on Purple match to help you. 


We are thinking of all of you at home.




Spring 2

Our Current Topic

PlaylistImage result for cornerstones curriculum playlist


Home Learning

Maths and English will be sent home on a Friday.  This can be handed in up to Thursday of the following week.

What will you choose to do?


• Talk to parents and grandparents about music and dance trends that were popular when they were young. Bring in findings to share on a class timeline.

• Listen out for classical music used on TV. Can you spot any tunes you know?

• Read a listings page in the local paper or a venue programme to see what bands are playing near where you live.

• Make a list of venues used in the local area for live music, from big arenas to park bandstands.

• Learn a song by heart or play a piece of music on an instrument. Practise and see if you can do it without making any mistakes!

• Think up a funny name for a new band! Design a logo for the band.

• Make a ‘spot the intro’ quiz for your classmates or family. Play an introduction to a song and see who can recognise it first.

• Write a fan letter to a musical hero, explaining what you like about their music.

• Write the song lyrics of a new song for your favourite band.

• Watch a beatbox performer online. How do they do that?

• Hear a choir sing or watch a performance online. Can you hear the low and high voices? Find out what the different singing parts in a choir are called.

• Have a sponsored silence! For how long do your grown-ups think you can keep quiet?

• Make a musical dictionary. Check out the meanings of beat, dynamics, harmony, rhythm, round, chord, octave, major key, minor key, crotchet, quaver, semibreve, sharp and flat. List the terms in alphabetical order.



Log on to the website


to learn all about rivers and how they are formed. Take the challenge to make your own boat.  Send photos of your creations to year3@siredmundhillary.notts.sch.uk 

Look at the amazing bridges we have created at home.


Task 1

Create a poster to help Freya attract more volunteers to help out at the park.

Task 2

Even though it is scruffy, Freya loves her park. Write about your favourite park.

Creative challenge

Read our poems and check out our sculptures.  

Lots of alternative home learning ideas linked to our Summer 2 topic Tremors.

New creative challenge

Can you build a sturdy bridge?

Log on to https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/explorers/learning-from-home/building-bridges

to watch videos and begin to plan how to make your own bridge.  Take a photograph and send it to year3@siredmundhillary.notts.sch.uk

Young Voices Event for all

On 2nd June 2020 - you are invited along with families and children from across the world to pay tribute to all teachers by joining together to sing “The Power in Me” from the safety of your own homes.

You can register here:

In the weeks leading up to the main event on 2nd June, you are encouraged to take part in the #PowerInMe singing challenge and to film yourselves singing the song’s lyrics “I've got the Power In Me" and post it online with the hashtag to see who responds completing the song’s chorus "You’ve got the Power in You!".

There are also a series of online workshops to prepare you for the big day:

Tuesday 12th May 4pm UK/11am EST - ‘Conductor Swap’ - David Lawrence runs an online rehearsal/workshop for children in the US
Thursday 14th May 4pm UK/11am EST  - Rebecca Lawrence interviewed by Gigi Morley on being a composer and composing the Power in Me
Tuesday 19th May 4pm UK/11am EST  - ‘Conductor Swap’ - Francisco Nunez runs an online rehearsal/workshop for children in the UK
Thursday 21st May 4pm UK/11am EST - Andy Instone will run a live movement session to teach the moves for Power in Me for everyone who has signed up.


The Lord Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire (The Queen’s Representative in the County) , wishes to say ‘Thank You ‘ to you for contributing to helping the country during this time, by learning from home and washing your hands and doing things to prevent the spread of the virus. He has awarded us this certificate and you can see him saying Thank You here: https://youtu.be/xCbcOhHJAU4


Creative challenge 1

Be inspired by Andy Goldsworthy to create an indoor or outdoor sculpture.

Creative challenge Part 2

Find a poem about the subject of your sculpture.  You can post it on the Purple Mash Blog or email it to: year3@siredmundhillary.notts.sch.uk

Good luck.

Here is the poem I found:


by Yone Noguchi

Thou burstest from mood:
How sad we have to cling to experience!
Marvel of thy every atom burning of life,
How fully thou livest!
Didst thou ever think to turn to cold and shadow?
Passionate liver of sunlight,
Symbol of youth and pride;
Thou art a lyric of thy soaring colour;
Thy voicelessness of song is action.
What absorption of thy life's meaning.
Wonder of thy consciousness,—
Mighty sense of thy existence!


Here are some Mrs Fraser and I have created for you.

We made a rainbow to thank all the NHS staff and keyworkers.

Our Team:

Ms Howard - Teacher 

Mrs Fraser - Teacher

Mrs Booth - TA

Miss Farish - TA

Mrs Clarke - TA

Mrs Smith - TA

Mrs Burslem - SENDCo



Please ensure A PE kit is kept in school all week in case there is a timetable change.  Our PE day is Tuesday this half term and we might be outside so please ensure there is something warm in your child's PE kit. 



Please remember to read 5 times each week and log this in reading diaries.

Thank you for sending in your 'Book Wizard' slips to share your excitement of receiving a new book from the 'Book Wizard'.

Well done to Ethan Medlam for achieving his red belt in Karate.

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