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We have had a busy start to the new term preparing for our Year group production, 'The Bee Musical'.  We are really looking forward to performing for parents and friends on Thursday 2nd April 5:30. 

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Our class text:



We will be reading the first of the series of 'Spiderwick Chronicles' books.  To link with the book we will be writing descriptions, a diary and instructions.  Our book could inspire your child to read the next book in the series. 


This term we will be working on measures and money.  We will learn about coins and notes, add and subtract amounts of money and think about how to calculate change if we bought something from the shop. In time, we will learn how to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes. 



Spring 2 planner

Year 3 Curriculum Planning



We are thinking of all of you at home.




Spring 2

Our Current Topic

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Home Learning

Maths and English will be sent home on a Friday.  This can be handed in up to Thursday of the following week.

What will you choose to do?


• Talk to parents and grandparents about music and dance trends that were popular when they were young. Bring in findings to share on a class timeline.

• Listen out for classical music used on TV. Can you spot any tunes you know?

• Read a listings page in the local paper or a venue programme to see what bands are playing near where you live.

• Make a list of venues used in the local area for live music, from big arenas to park bandstands.

• Learn a song by heart or play a piece of music on an instrument. Practise and see if you can do it without making any mistakes!

• Think up a funny name for a new band! Design a logo for the band.

• Make a ‘spot the intro’ quiz for your classmates or family. Play an introduction to a song and see who can recognise it first.

• Write a fan letter to a musical hero, explaining what you like about their music.

• Write the song lyrics of a new song for your favourite band.

• Watch a beatbox performer online. How do they do that?

• Hear a choir sing or watch a performance online. Can you hear the low and high voices? Find out what the different singing parts in a choir are called.

• Have a sponsored silence! For how long do your grown-ups think you can keep quiet?

• Make a musical dictionary. Check out the meanings of beat, dynamics, harmony, rhythm, round, chord, octave, major key, minor key, crotchet, quaver, semibreve, sharp and flat. List the terms in alphabetical order.


We made a rainbow to thank all the NHS staff and keyworkers.

Our Team:

Mrs Fraser - Teacher 

Ms Howard - Teacher

Mrs Booth - TA

Miss Farish - TA

Mrs Clarke - TA

Mrs Smith - TA

Mrs Burslem - SENDCo



Please ensure A PE kit is kept in school all week in case there is a timetable change.  Our PE day is Tuesday this half term and we might be outside so please ensure there is something warm in your child's PE kit. 



Please remember to read 5 times each week and log this in reading diaries.

Thank you for sending in your 'Book Wizard' slips to share your excitement of receiving a new book from the 'Book Wizard'.

Well done to Ethan Medlam for achieving his red belt in Karate.

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