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Home Learning


The link below offers some great resources for home learning in Maths. 

Each lesson is supported by on online tutorial. 

We have just covered fractions and decimals in class so this would be a great resource to use to revise those concepts.

Other useful Maths sites include:


It is really important to encourage children to keep up with their reading. The following site has lots of Oxford Reading Tree books available to access for free. It covers all over the different coloured book bands.


Other Useful Resources

https://www.edshed.com/en-gb  This is free for 14 days and has access to online spelling, reading and maths resources. 


https://www.natgeokids.com/uk/  National Geographic kids has lots of interesting things for the children to research. 


https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/levels/zbr9wmn BBC Bitesize has some great video clips and ideas to keep everyone busy. 


https://www.dkfindout.com/uk/  This is a great resource to use for research purposes. 

Look out for further information regarding Parental Engagement workshops and class events. 


Our text this half term is Demon Dentist.


We will also be using our reading skills to find out about human and animal digestion.





Our Maths this half term will focus on decimals and making links with money.  We will also be looking at 12 and 24 hour time.

Spelling lists for this half term:

Group 3

Group 2

Group 1

Planners and Year 4 Information

Filling our Learning Rucksack

This half term we are working on filling our learning rucksacks with information all about the oceans. We have been using our new non-fiction books to find out about the ocean layers and the creatures which live there. The information station has been a popular choice for independent learning time. 

Welcome to Year 4!

Our school rainbow. Spreading some cheer around our community. Stay safe.

Current Topic: 

Burps, Bottoms and Bile


In Spring 2 PE is on Monday. Please ensure PE kits are in school everyday please. 


Reading Folders


Please ensure logs are signed at least 5 times a week and that reading folders are in school every day

Poetry Slam

On Friday 6th March the children took part in the very first Sir Edmund Hillary Poetry Slam. Each class was asked to learn a poem of their choice and perform it for the rest of the school. An individual from each class was selected to perform their own composition. What a superb event. The children made us very proud. They performed with great confidence. 

4P were awarded the winners trophy for Lower Key Stage 2 whilst Poppy Jones and Lottie Underwood were awarded certificates for their individual poems. 

Maths Investigation Week


During Maths Investigation week we have been looking at growing shapes. We had to look at how patterns changed and work out the formula for the next patterns in the sequence. 


Our DT work in the Autumn Term involved making catapults. We had to research, design, make, test and evaluate them. 

Meet our Team:

Mrs Pollard - Teacher

Miss Abbott - Teacher

Mrs Goy - HLTA

Mrs Smith - TA

Miss Farish - TA

Ms Darker - TA

Mrs Tetley - Brass/Music teacher


Project ideas linked to this topic:

What will you choose to do?


Keep a food diary and notice what happens as certain foods (like beetroot,sweetcorn, asparagus or blueberries) pass through your body.

Find out how to look after your digestive system with some colon-cleansing foods

Learn how to boost your immune system. Make a poster or advert for a doctor’s surgery to help people avoid falling victim to the flu season.

Do you have any horrid habits, such as nail biting or nose picking? What habits do you dislike in others? Think up some tips on how to give up a horrid habit.

Drop grubby copper-plated coins into a range of fizzy drinks and leave them overnight to see what happens. Which brand has the most powerful cleaning properties?

Some people sneeze because they are allergic to certain substances such as pollen or house dust mites. Survey your friends and family and find out if anyone 
you know has an allergy. How will you record the information?

Try a new food or drink that you have never tasted before. What do you like or dislike about its taste and texture?

Spring 1

Blue Abyss

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to The Deep as part of our topic about the oceans. We took part in a workshop to show how different groups of animals are classified and were able to find out about creatures that live in the different ocean zones. We were very lucky to be able to see the divers in the tank.



We learnt all about the first submersible created by Cornelius Drebble. We were very interested to find out that he used pig skin bladders to sink and float his vessel. Using our knowledge of buoyancy and upthrust along with Drebble's ideas we created out own working submarines. 

Autumn 2


As part of our topic on potions we visited Grimm and Co in Rotherham. We took part in a story writing workshop and we all published our own story. 

During this topic we also designed and made potions. They weren't quite as gruesome as Shakepeare's potions but they definitely bubbled in our cauldrons!