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Welcome to Year 5




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Our topic for Autumn 2 is 'Frozen Kingdom'

Frozen Kingdom

Further home learning ideas...



Activities to explore at home:


Use a range of snowy images to create a polar collage. Remember to use lots of interesting textures, shapes, colours and patterns.


Make a model of your favourite Arctic animal using clay, dough or recycled materials. Take it in to school and explain how you made it.


Design a pair of snow boots for an Arctic explorer. What materials would you use? What features could they have? Let your imagination run wild!


Make ‘iced jewels’. Mix powder paints and dyes into water, in an array of colours. Pour into an ice cube tray before freezing overnight. Pop the cubes out and explore your iced jewels. What happens if you sprinkle salt on the cubes?


Imagine a common domestic animal became an inhabitant of the Arctic or Antarctic. How would it have to adapt to survive there? Longer, thicker hair? What else? Rename your common animal with a more exciting ‘polar’ name!


Create your own Arctic and Antarctic word search puzzles using all the new words you have learned during the project. Challenge a grown-up to solve it!


Imagine that Earth has entered another Ice Age. Write a diary-style piece describing the changes and how the human race has adapted to cope.


Create a poster or brochure for a new travel company which arranges visits to the Arctic or Antarctic. Use powerful images and text to tempt customers who want an extra-special trip!


Find out what natural resources and raw materials are reaped from the Arctic.
What impact does this have on the environment?




  • Reading logs must be in every day. We expect the children to read at least 4 times a week. Logs are checked everyday.
  • Homework is set on a Friday and is returned on Friday (CGP books and Purple Mash).
  • PE Kits - Please ensure they are in school everyday.
  • Music lessons with Mrs Tetley - every Monday.
  • Children need a water bottle in school every day.  

Year 5/6 Team

Mrs Craik - Year 5 Teacher/UPKS2 Lead

Mr Safrany - Year 5/6 Teacher

Mrs Powell Year 6 Teacher

Miss Chapman - Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Mrs Cresswell-Hibbert - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Smith  - Teaching Assistant



Our texts for this half-term:


We will be:

Working as a class to produce a non-chronological report about the Titanic.

Writing a newspaper article - The safe return off Shackleton and his crew.

Creating a narrative  - The Dreadful Menace

Exploring biography – Ernest Shackleton or Arctic / Antarctic explorer

Writing a persuasive letter/speech Plight of the Polar Bear