​Sir Edmund Hillary Primary School

 Important dates :

SATs week -  Monday 11th May to Thursday 14th May 2020

Residential 18th May to 20th May 2020

Year 6 Curriculum Planning

 Darwin's Delights

 Blood Heart

 Frozen Kingdom

Autumn 2

Welcome to Year 6!

Spring 1 - Frozen Kingdom

Spring 1 - Frozen Kingdom

We have had an extremely exciting start to the half term as we've been investigating icebergs to help us learn all about the polar regions. 

We observed the icebergs throughout the day after placing different substances on them to see what happened. After that, we planned our own investigations based on what else we wanted to learn and find out. 

Have a look at our pictures below...

Spring 2 & Summer 1- Blood Heart

Year 6 are really looking forward to this topic. We begin by  dissected pig's hearts which is fascinating! We then identify the aorta, vena cava, right and left atrium, right and left ventricle and the heart strings. 



Thank you very much to all parents/carers who attended our WWII showcase this afternoon. It was lovely to see so many of you attended and support your child's learning. We hope you enjoyed it.

Autumn 2

What a very exciting term it's been !

On our first day back we had an Evacuee Day where all of Y6 came in dressed as evacuees from WWII. This was a brilliant way to begin the year and immerse us into our topic, 'A Child's War.' 

On the 27th of November, we visited The National Holocaust Centre in Laxton. The exhibition allowed us to follow the journey of Jewish children who lived during the 1930s and WWII. We also got the opportunity to talk to a holocaust survivor, Ruth Barnett,  who shared her own personal story-something which we all found very moving. 

We have also been learning all about World War II: why it started; who were our allies; rationing and evacuation; the devastation of The Blitz; and the major events of the war.  

On the 12th and 13th of December we visited 'The Vicarage' to share our learning with the residents and give them some of 'Eggless sponges' which we created in DT using the meagre rations families would received during WW2. We also had a 1940's style sing along session with them and demonstrated our Jive. (See our picture gallery.)


Please ensure your child has the following in school every day:

  • Reading log
  • Reading book
  • All CGP workbooks and study books (as we will be using these in class)
  • PE kit (as we do change our PE day)
  • Water bottle

Reading logs will be checked daily. Children need to record the book they are reading; what pages they have read; and it must be signed. 

Homework is due in every Thursday. 

Spelling test is every Friday.

EDALE RESIDENTIAL -  18th - 20th MAY 2020

Have a look at the YHA Edale website to find out more about our residential and what to expect.



SPRING 1 P.E is on Friday afternoon this half term 


Our class text - Shackleton's Journey

What else can you find out about Shackleton and his crew members from completing independent research?


Use these websites to help you:

 Why not research other polar explorers ?

Have any women been to the poles ?

The Year 6 Team

Mrs Joyston - Year 6 Teacher 

Mrs Adamson - Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Powell - Year 6 Teacher

Miss Chapman - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Wright - Teaching Assistant 

The Piano 

This term , we wrote narratives based on 'The Piano' video. This has inspired us to write descriptively, emotively and to use figurative language to engage the reader. We can't wait to share them when they are complete!

Feeling inspired?

Why not have a go at one of the following topic projects at home?

  • Imagine the Earth has entered another Ice Age. Write a diary describing the changes and how well the human race are coping .
  • Create a polar collage
  • Make 'iced jewels'
  • Create an Arctic and Antarctic wordsearch
  • Make a model of your favourite Arctic animal
  • Design a pair of snow boots for an Arctic explorer
  • Imagine a domestic animal like a cat or dog became an inhabitant of the Arctic. How would it have to adapt to survive ?
  • Research the differences and similarities between the Arctic and Antarctic 
  • Paint an Arctic landscape
  • Research polar exploration


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